5 Ways for having a great time and connect with your favorite cat

So Letting know how we can give cats happiness and have a great time with us.

For that reason, we must be closer to the greatest cat that we have. And likewise, how can we make a stronger connection with our cats and make it very exciting?

Let’s know five tips that will help you to get closer and so related to your cat.

  1. Share partly your food  and drink

Usually, cats cannot eat all kinds of food that you may think it’s suitable <<Some food elements are toxic to cats, like onions, garlic, and coffee.. And Surely should not be on their list of food>>

However, let them test your orange juice and eat a little bit of your food like fish, eggs and melon fruit when you are in the dining table is really fantastic method to show how much you love them.

Also, You have to feed your pet cat their meals at the same time as you are at the dining table and especially at dinner.

Moreover, you avert giving them raw meat, raw eggs, raw fish and energy drinks…

2. Make it close to you and not to be far

Cats are sensitive and the feel of your bad treatment, So for that reason, you must be careful about how you can be treated with them, for example when you are watching TV or sitting on the laptop,  They may harass you, And in front of, you mustn’t keep them away in a bad way…

You can just take them besides you because when they come to you so this is because they are wanting some tenderness and kindness.

3. Be near to your cat

Actually cats love being close to their owner.

So all you can do is set up next to them when they are looking at TV, looking out the window, or whatever they do.., even if they are sleeping. Also, you will feel satisfied and having a calm moment with your beautiful cat.

<Cats like to watching birds when they are flying outdoors and also watching fish in the water >


4. Having a good time with your cat

Sometimes you had a bad day because of a long day at work.

So, it was a good thing if you playing with your sweet cats like taking a string and a bell or feather. Pull it slowly away from your cat’s view and watch as your cat lunges after it around corners and under furniture, and how the cat jumps to catch it in the air.

And when you follow this with your eyes, you will automatically have a nice smile on your face.


5. Talking with your pretty cat

Establish a relationship with your cat must be by talking with her and whatever if she doesn’t understand what you say, but she feels that you are close to her. And it’s will be a fantastic relationship between you and her.

And ultimately, the pet cats are so sensitive and compassionate, so they need special treatment by us, to feel protected.

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